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Tantra for Women

Tantra For Women In Frisco TX

Tantra for Woman

Awake the Goddess withing you. We invite you to discover the magical art of Tantra.

Our Tao Tantra sessions have amazing benefits for women. They are designed to help you awake dormant sensations, unblock emotional pain, help relief painful menstruation, heal sexual trauma, womb clearing, body-shame and menopause related symptoms.

As women, we carry in our ancestral memory (DNA) a full linage of stereotypes that suppress our desires, not allowing us to feel and express freely. To this day, in some societies or religions, to talk about sex can be a big taboo. 

If you desire to connect with another person from your heart, find the power and strength within you. Balance the divine feminine energy with your own male energy to experience self-love and self-confidence.

Awake your consciousness and your spiritual capabilities.

When you heal the mind, the emotion will be healed; when you have healed the mind and the emotion, the body will be healed; when you have healed the mind, emotion and body, and you align this to the spirit… this is the TAO.

“Stop leaving and you will arrive. Stop searching and you will see. Stop running away and you will be found”

– Lao Tzu

Session 1

1 hour $100 / 1.5 hours $150

Leave your worries behind and allow yourself to be guided by one of our Goddesses. Allow yourself to feel and discover what resides within you.

During this session, we will gently awake and balance your sexual energy (Kundalini) with a light and sensual body-energy work. Different healing techniques (shamanic healing, Reiki, ayurvedic medicine, tantric breathwork, aromatherapy, musical therapy) will be applied to restore your physical and energy field, leaving you feeling renewed from the inside out.

This beautiful Tantric, loving and caring healing will help awaken your sexuality and at the same time promote relaxation, self-love, confidence mental and emotional peace.

Session 2

2 Hours ($250)

Provided by Goddess Alek only

Sunset is the introduction to the Tao Tantra Sacred Sexuality philosophy. This is a training class and dynamic session that will take you to a journey of the awakening and cultivation of your own sexual energy (kundalini).

During this session you will learn:

Basic terminology to understand the fundamentals of Tantra.

Tantric Pranayamas (practice of breath control), are key to achieve Tantric Orgasms. These empower you to last longer and feel more pleasure. The more you breathe, the connection with emotions and feelings become more intimate.

Exercises to identify and strengthen muscles in your pelvic floor. Among other things, they support your bladder and bowel, and directly affect sexual function. These exercises will help you hold ejaculation and energy during Tantric orgasms. If you are experiencing erectile disfunction this exercise will help as well.

Become aware of your senses (smell, feel, touch, taste); active meditation to connect with yourself, become more intimate with you and your partner.

This is just the begging to connect with your own sensuality and sexuality. Feel the fire of kundalini running through you.